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Toasting, usually with beer, wine or Chinese white liquors, is an important part of Chinese business etiquette.There is a wide selection of Thai drinks which provide refreshing exotic tastes.

But Thai people are fun and easygoing when it comes to socializing.Mealtimes are often rowdy, informal affairs with talk, drinks, and laughter.

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Traditional Thai Wedding Packages The Indra Regent Hotel presents a wedding package that is uniquely Thai, complete with Thai traditional costumes in the splendour of an antique Thai house.Traditional Medicinals Tea offers a quality difference in wellness teas not found anywhere else.Khao pad tom yum is a trendy Thai dish, popular with students and the younger generation, not so much at traditional restaurants or stalls.Thailand is a country famous for its beaches, bars, culture, hospitality and, obviously, its food.Great Selections You will find in our menu a great selection of Thai dishes and teas.

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One of the best things about Thai cuisine is the flexibility it offers in its preparations, for instance, you have the fiery red meat curry which can easily be transformed into a vegetarian version without compromising much.Simple step-by-step and photos for the best Thai recipes and Thai food at home.There is also traditional drinks like kava, a mixture with sedative and anesthetic properties and hopi, a home brew beer made of water, sugar or mashed fruit and yeast.

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It may be difficult to imagine Tom Yum, the traditional Thai soup, translated into a tasty cocktail.These menu dishes showcase traditional Thai ingredients and flavors for a well-balanced dinner party.Oliang is a mix of coffee and other ingredients, which depends on the recipe but can be roasted rice and caramel then roasted with coffee beans.Mae Mai Muai Thai Mae Mai Muai Thai (types of blows) is an artful science requiring years of learning.

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It is big question for you when you travel in Vietnam first time.We brew only the finest leaves and beans to ensure delicious cups of tea and freshly roasted speciality coffee.This homemade version of a Thai takeout standby is incredibly flavorful thanks to tangy fish sauce, sweet-and-sour tamarind, tart vinegar and rich palm sugar.

Very refreshing drink - and perfect to replace all the minerals, vitamins and sugar you are using up while doing hard work, or sweating under the sun.

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Thai, Drink, Lassi, Milkshake, Juice Recipes Thai Recipes and Food from Thailand are great in taste and are fun to cook.

These recipes have successfully taught millions of westerners, expatriates and Thai students abroad how to cook Thai food so that it tastes like food from home.

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We carry all those great beverages you remember drinking in the Philippines.About The Traditional Mai Tai Cocktail The Mai Tai is perhaps the most famous Tiki cocktail for a good reason.When I lived in Bangkok my two favorite drinks were lime soda (soda water with fresh lime juice and sugar syrup) and Thai iced tea.One thing that I am sure you will see while you travel around Bangkok or other provinces in Thailand is Thai coffee carts.

Creamy curries, spicy stir fries and other classic dishes that combine the hot, sour, sweet and salty flavours of Thai cuisine.As a guest, your accidental infractions at the table will be forgiven.Therapeutic uses are as carminative, antipyretic, diaphoretic and diuretic agents.This webiste will bring the unique cuisines and interesting drinks in Vietnam for you, In each region experiencing different domain will make guests feel relaxed.

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Non Alcoholic Greek Drinks A beautiful country situated in southeastern Europe, Greece has Aegean Sea lying to its east and south, while the Ionian Sea falls on its west.

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Thai beverages offer the perfect complement to delicious spicy food.

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Regarding drinks, there are many local varieties of soda made throughout the islands.

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